Our Story

About Beflax

Beflax was born in the heart of colorful Colorado, where the sun is bright and the mountains are high; where green is the prevailing color of life and the air is so clear and fresh year round, you can’t resist the draw to be closer to nature and its wonders. A team of motivated people couldn’t resist nature’s draw and became the founders of Beflax.

Our mission is to constantly seek out ways to be closer to nature, researching the benefits of it, preserving it, and bringing it back to you / to your home / to your life.

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A Focus on Linen

We became very inspired coming across an endless field of this beautiful blue flowering plant – flax, widely known as a food (flax seed, linseed oil, etc) or as a fiber crop. The Flax plant is not only a great nutrition asset, but also is a huge source of fibers that are two to three times stronger than cotton and naturally smooth and straight. Fabric made from flax is known as linen, and traditionally used for bed sheets, underclothes and other home textile.

Besides taking the best from what nature gives us, we also want to make sure the footprint we leave behind is not toxic. Our process of making linen is a non-waste and eco-friendly, that complies with the most ecological and socially responsible methods.

We love linen and thrive to deliver you the best quality linen at the most affordable prices. However, the amazing part comes with the knowledge of linen characteristics. 

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