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Home linen helps you feel yourself at home

Colorful home linen products add a unique tint of luxury, beauty, serenity and coziness to your place

How should your house look like in order to call it ‘home sweet home’ returning there after a prolonged tiring working day or after a long exciting journey? Or another saying is ‘My home is my castle’ - well how do I build that, you ask? Surely, home is a place where everyone of us feels free and safe and, what is especially important, it reflects its owner’s mood, way of life, interests and style.

As a rule, we use different decorating items to personalize the space around us and to make it more cosy. We usually spend a significant part of our free time at home, so don’t settle for anything less than natural and luxury material. This task is within powers of linen products that have a wide spread at our homes. Bursts of color, luxury and individuality can be added via furnishings, wall hangings and many other mainly kitchen and bathrooms accessories, such as bed linen, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, curtains, napkins, aprons, baskets etc.

All Beflax home linen products are manufactured from 100% linen fabric that combines in itself many fantastic characteristics that allow it to be used so widely in different areas of our everyday life.

First of all, the most important feature of linen fiber is its ability to stay in good condition for a long time, even after being heavy used. Therefore your favorite pieces of clothes and accessories will please you with their perfect appearance without losing their shape and properties after a long time of usage. Moreover, crafted for a great balance of comfort and weight in a unique weave and treated with natural enzymes and other organic components, super soft Beflax home linen products are not only a joy to touch but they are easy to care for too. All linen articles can be exposed to constant washing in warm water without a strong need to iron in order to preserve soft natural crumples that add some special chick look. Also its fair to mention that every Beflax linen piece gets to you in already pre-washed, softened and sometimes even hand-steamed (depending on the product) before it gets to a customer.

Each home linen item embodies and gives emphasis to a particular linen fabric quality. For example, linen towels are valuable for their capacity to absorb moisture excellently and dry out rapidly. Linen curtains and tablecloths trimmed and adorned bring understated luxury and singular style to your home. Home linen dressing gowns and bedding sets will keep you snug during winter and cool in the summer due to unique thermal conductivity and temperature regulating properties of linen. Linen bags in their turn are appealing for being lightweight, roomy and due to their multifunctional use.

Furthermore, home linen influences our health and general well-being positively. This textile is known for having a massage effect on our body. As a result, it enhances the blood flow and lets you get rid of exhaustion. In addition, as a purely natural and eco-friendly material, linen fabric permits your skin to breathe and doesn’t irritate even sensitive skin. Linen also possesses antibacterial qualities. Being a natural antiseptic, it can decrease skin inflammation, prevent odor and excessive sweating. These qualities are especially essential in pieces of clothes.

Apart from the practical use, linen home textile can serve a decorative function as well. Linen accepts dies well, but it should be emphasized that Beflax uses only natural dyes and latest technologies in making linen fabric. Therefore you can always access a variety of natural colors and shades available on sale in our online store in home linen collection. Let your fantasy and creativity blossom in designing your ideal home image. For instance you can buy some linen bedclothes, tablecloths or aprons of an appropriate style designed to compliment both contemporary and traditional decor to finish off your look or add organic touch to the interior.

Our Beflax home linen store located in the USA offers you top quality, beautiful linen homewares that are designed to last and to enhance any interior. Household articles that you can buy at our white sales are always a great quality and without a doubt great value for money. Both comfort and style are put up for sale at pleasantly affordable prices. The beauty, comfort and elegance should not have any limits. That is why we happy to please those customers on the other side of the world, who don’t reside in the USA, with online shopping option and global insured fast delivery service. Our goal is to make sure that every home linen item we carry in our collection is simple, sustainable and stunning in its design.