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Linen Duvet Cover - Beflax Linen
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Linen Duvet Cover

Beflax Linen

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Linen Duvet Cover for all times from Day&Night Linen Collection

Made with 100% Linen

Double sided linen duvet cover: one side is light linen, another is dark linen, comes with natural coconut button closure
Available in King & Queen sizes

Special double weave provides this linen fabric extra durability, without adding to the weight 

Softened with natural enzymes for your maximum comfort and long sleep

Each linen duvet cover is packed in an individual matching linen bag 


King size - 106" x 94" (270cm x 239cm)
Queen size - 90" x 92" (229cm x 234cm)


Linen Duvet Cover

Turn your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and style with the Beflax collection of ingeniously designed linen duvet cover sets. Each linen duvet cover from Beflax is a timeless bedding masterpiece, subtly stitched to emphasize elegance and stoned washed for added comfort. Crafted from fully natural French flax, Beflax Linen duvet covers are the perfect fit for anyone seeking that laid back and casual look that exudes sophisticated luxury.

Trendy, cozy and efficient: Beflax linen duvet covers feel as good as they look

Keep your linen duvet insert protected and stay cozy while retaining that classic look of sophistication. Our breathable and comfy linen duvet covers are double weaved for added durability. And because they only get softer with every wash, there’s practically no limit to how long you can use them – five years, ten years, a lifetime; it’s all up to you.

Pure naturally sourced and processed linen

When you buy linen duvet cover from the Beflax online store, you’re plugging into an exquisite linen supply chain that uses only the highest quality organic French flax processed using natural methods for that soft, supple and perhaps, more importantly, non-allergic duvet covers. Beflax linen duvet covers are subject to a stringent quality control process and certified to be free of synthetic materials and harmful chemicals. 
Your health, as well as comfort, is our topmost concern. Become a part of Beflax audience today and experience soothingly refreshing king size, queen size or twin duvet covers that are compatible with your health.