Linen Bedding

Linen Bed Sheets 

Per a study conducted by the University of Milan, you sleep deeper and wake up feeling better when your bedding material is made up of high-grade quality linen sheets. Who better to provide you with top-notch linen bed sheets than Beflax Linen; with over thousand satisfied customers from virtually every region of the world, Beflax Linen is your trusted one-stop destination for premium linen sheets that deliver on every measure of quality.

Luxury linen bed sheets in your home

Breathable, soft and tender on your skin Beflax linen bed sheets are specialty masterpieces designed by skilled craftsmen using an industry-leading fabrication process. Our linen bed sheets are double weaved for resilience and stoned washed to create a demonstrably soft and soothing bedding material. Plus, because we utilize only the best French linen fibers, famous for their high thermal conductivity expect top-draw insulation in cold weather and optimal ventilation in hot weather.

Green from start to finish

Beflax linen bed sheets are fashioned exclusively from naturally grown French flax harvested using environmentally friendly techniques. Our industry famous post-processing technique utilizes natural enzymes to soften and optimally condition the fabric. When you buy bedding linen from Beflax, you’re getting a line set that is not only comfortable but healthy for you and the environment.

All sizes in pleasant color schemes designed to emphasize the peaceful aura of your bedroom

King size or queen size, whatever your linen bed sheet needs, you can count on us to deliver as per your request. Beflax curates a robust linen bed sheet and linen accessory inventory, so you can buy all you need in one place.