Kitchen Linen - Aprons, Tablecloths, Napkins

Kitchen linen – where style and practicality meet together

Highly durable different kitchen linen essential products and stylish accessories are a perfect way out for any home interior

Linen fabric makes up a perfect choice for those who want to buy different household items since it is durable, strong and practical. Linen products are easy-care and as a result take a proper and decent place in many homes. Kitchen linen is probably the most widespread and common field where all of these properties come in handy. Tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, table runners, curtains, aprons, grill gloves, baskets - this list can be supplemented with many other articles. Kitchen-lovers deserve this luxury to surround themselves with pleasant things to turn these routine everyday chores into fantastic, enjoyable and creative experience.

The most typical and useful kitchen textile accessory is a linen towel. Kitchen linen towels are known for their marvelous ability to absorb liquid well and to dry out quickly. They are also machine washable, but to prevent shrinkage, wash them in cold or warm water (±40°C or 105°F). What’s more, in order to avoid too crumpled items, try to iron them when they are still a bit wet.

Kitchen aprons are also always in great demand. Theese linen aprons do not need to compromise on attractive design and modern style in favor of practicality because kitchen linen aprons combine both features. Kitchen aprons protect your clothes from any stains, and without changing you can easily wrap yourself in one of our linen aprons. Some models are provided with big pockets for everyday essentials and no closure slip in style with crossed straps for hands-free approach and additional comfort.

Beflax linen tablecloths will please you with their excellent quality, dense and heavy material structure. An item of appropriate design and style definitely brings luxury, elegance and charm to your table. Such tablecloths will become part and parcel at any special feast, as well as at a daily meal mostly thanks to their high resistance to washing and hard-wearing fabric characteristics. So don’t be afraid to ruin your new linen tablecloth – it will last you for years to come.

Apart from being essential elements in cooking and cleaning up, all these linen products are great decorating pieces which impart a singular style and luxury to your home. Don’t think that kitchen linen items are only of plain gray and white colors. Today the distinctive design can be their strong point. Beflax kitchen linen is always available in our online store. You can find styles that come with embroidered patterns and trimmed with lace, for example, not to mention different colors, shades, shapes and dimensions available for sale today. These numerous design solutions enable every customer to find a suitable piece of linen to match their taste, any formal or daily occasions and fit into their interior of any style – from modernism and high-tech to the country, province or even rococo style.

Besides, you should not be afraid of rough textile structure – all Beflax linen products are treated with special organic substances such as natural enzymes to soften them and make more comfortable to use.

Despite our headquarters being located in Colorado USA, you can shop online from any part of the globe. The delivery is carried out within the shortest possible period of time after receiving your order. In case you buy goods in our Beflax linen store in the USA, you will be satisfied with lower prices than the average ones on the linen market.