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Linen bags: all in one You will love owning Beflax linen bag due to its versatility and durability

A spacious, light and just perfectly sized bag that can be easily folded in your pocket. A bag that you can take with you everywhere, on any casual and more formal occasion – from doing shopping, walking in the park to going out with friends and enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafe. Is it still a dream? No, not now! Thanks to Beflax linen bags produced in the USA this dream has come true! These bags are an ideal choice for those who appreciate comfort, up-to-date style and original design. Let’s find out what makes it possible.

First of all, a few words about linen fabric properties that play a key role in this favorable outcome. Linen products are sturdy, long-lasting and finally they turn out to be very valuable and reliable things in many casual situations for years to come. So your favorite linen bag wont get easily torn or damaged, it’s handles will stay in place and a lovely outside pocket. Don’t be afraid that it cannot withstand too heavy load either - this linen bag easily holds up to 10lb of groceries! You can absolutely rely on the high quality and durability of linen material. Besides, it is truly lightweight, supple and is able to contain lots of things. So if you come across a sale and the best buy among luxuries while going shopping, be sure that there will be room for every item in your bag.


Secondly, linen bags are easy to care. Unlike their leather and especially suede alternatives that should be dried clean in case they get dirty, a linen bag can simply be washed at home in cold or warm water. As a rule, the water temperature should be no more than 40°C (105°F) to avoid reduction in size since linen as a natural textile is susceptible to shrinkage. After washing try to iron your linen bag being damp to get rid of folds and crumpled look.

Linen is also notable for its ability to absorb moisture quickly and to dry fast. That’s why, you do not have to wait for a long time to start using your precious irreplaceable bag again after washing, just a couple of hours would be more than enough. What’s more, natural enzymes used in our linen products add extra softness and make them more pleasant to touch.

Our company follows general current trends in fashion and design. When you purchase USA Beflax linen bags it is not the case when you buy luxury and beauty at the expense of comfort and other benefits listed above. We offer a big variety of models on sale: with pockets, button or zip closure, of different dimensions and shapes. They are decorated with various patterns that suit its owner’s style, mood or situation. You can also play with various colors and colourways available in the linen store because this fabric lends itself to dying excellently which allows designers to express their creativity. Beflax doesn’t use artificial dyes, and our fabrics are highly resistable to fading even after many washings.

This stylish, versatile, practical accessory works with any outfit. Linen bags surely deserve to be called must-haves as they are always in style. They are especially indispensable in the summer, it doesn’t matter whether you are having lunch in a downtown cafe or lounging on a beach. We offer very quick delivery for every item in our store and your order can be easily processed in our shop online. Buy eco-friendly bags in Beflax linen store to underline your individuality and to protect the nature and world around you.